The Fluffy Factory - Ludum Dare 37

What a difficult time for the factory industry...
Children nowadays are soo weak ! They get sick for nothing and die soo easily it becomes hard to stay cost-effective. But it is not a reason to give up: with the right skills and a focus mind, anything is possible !

As a proud owner of a fluffy unicorn factory, you have really important responsibilities: it is your job to manage the workforce properly in order to stay competitive as long as possible. Will you be able to avoid benkruptcy ? Roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath and show us your clicking skills and relfexes!

Medication, whip and replacement levers are your best friends to keep your workforce tight. Apply them wisely to survive... But beware of the budget !

Cheat'n'Teach - i3 Game Jam 2016

Back to an 80's school, where teachers can punish bad students by throwing chalks and where duffers can take advantage from their teacher's inattention in order to cheat, three dunces disturb the peace of Miss Gwendolin's boys' secondary classroom

In Cheat'n'Teach, three players act as the bad students like they surely were during their childhood. Cheat, run, don't get caught and earn the highest grades to win. The last one can experience what being a teacher in that time really means: You are allowed to discipline the duffer by throwing your chalks at them.

Cheat'n'Teach was developed in Fribourg during the second edition of the i3 gamejam, Switzerland with 18 semi-professionals of the Swiss-French scene.

Monique... - Epic Game Jam 2016

Titre officiel : Monique et sa profonde pornoventure qui ne se conclut pas vraiment, malgré sont irréfutable pouvoir de perversion destina transformer les joueurs en criminels sexuels détruisant irréfutablement les valeurs de la société des temps présents. Attention, quelques images peuvent heurter certaines sensibilités

Punch Monster - LvlUpGameJam 2016